Optimise groundwater management
in arid regions

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Webinar on Water Data Analytics

23 March 2018 - Sensileau organises the webinar "Water data analytics: 2 examples of how to effectively convert measurement data into actionable information". After a brief introduction, Jon Grant of Emagin (Canada) and Simon van den Dries of Blue-Value (the Netherlands) will present inspirational examples of their work on data analytics in the water sector.

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Why Blue-Value?

Groundwater is depleting rapidly. Growing population and climate change cause catastrophic water shortages in many areas of the world.

Around 50% of potable water that is distributed in the Middle-East and Africa is leaked or stolen and accounted as loss or non-revenue. Water is polluted and quantities and qualities of the source of life are out of balance. On top of this, the value of water is distorted. In areas where shortage is, consumption can be excessive or ten times higher than the global average — but water abstraction is not measured nor controlled and significantly undervalued. This needs to be solved.

Our concept

Blue-Value offers an integrated software platform for water resource management in arid regions. It gathers Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data and combines this with satellite imagery and infrastructure information to deliver real-time insight into water usage, water quality and environmental effects.

The Blue-Value platform will provide tailored information to our customers through an intuitive web application, task-based mobile apps and automated alarm subscriptions.

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Our concept is developed for:

  • Private companies in the food, agricultural, mining and construction industries
  • Environmental agencies, waterboards, utilities
  • (Hydro) engineering consultancy companies, telecom & IoT service providers

As part of the ESA-funded project 'Blue Desert' we are currently investigating the needs of our users. Please get in touch with us to learn more.

"Growing population and climate change cause catastrophic water shortages in many areas of the world."

Project 'Blue Desert'

Blue Desert conducts a feasibility study for the development of an integrated monitoring service to assist customers in desert areas to manage groundwater resources using IoT and satellite Earth observation.

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The Blue Desert feasibility study: monitoring groundwater in desert areas using space assets

About Blue-Value

Blue-Value is a consortium formed by Rencos and 52impact of the Netherlands. Rencos provides satellite and cellular IoT connectivity for the water sector whereas 52impact provides Earth observation services and software development.

Blue-Value was founded with the start of Blue Desert project funded by the European Space Agency. Blue Desert is a commercial and technical feasibility study for the monitoring of groundwater in desert areas using space assets.

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